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"My Drive" is the secure file-manager solution in private CLOUD AMAZON AWS, with the fastest response time. Securely open for collaboration between third parties. ( presentation file )
- data security (encryption and private CLOUD),
- protection against ransomware attacks
- file sharing
- scalability, can be used by all types of companies
- costs depend on usage level (no user limit)
- easy to use

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Starting from the way the system can be used, there are different implementation scenarios and implicitly different messages for different customers. The solution is used from various locations, it does not depend on dedicated Internet connections or VPN's. This makes it useful for remote use (distributed offices, homework, field work). The solution is based on hybrid CLOUD, an unlimited CLOUD storage area (S3 bucket object storage) and EC2 infrastructure for access services are used. The EC2 infrastructure can be scaled horizontally by increasing the number of instances. The EC2 infrastructure is used because it offers the optimal data access solution on the chosen model, comparable to server-less services that currently have a certain latency.

Being based on a private CLOUD at AMAZON AWS, it requires implementation which requires IT skills.
We need partnerships with IT companies for sales, implementation and technical support for clients.

Please send us an information request with above attached form or to mydrive@qbis.ro email address. We will contact you ASAP.

Thank you !